Helping DHS During Challenging Times

From busy hurricane seasons to the storming of the Capitol in Washington, DC, DHS can seamlessly scale and support multiple Government agency response thanks to rigorous and agile load and performance testing enabled by the AWS platform.

Business Challenge

One of the roles of the US Department of Homeland Security is to respond decisively to natural and man-made disasters. This DHS customer connects multiple government and private entities via a commercial software platform integrated with multiple GOTS, COTS, and proprietary tools. Software updates, system patches, hardware upgrades, and other changes to the baseline all have the potential to negatively affect system performance.

“To remain at peak performance and service all customer needs, the organization needs to be able to detect and remediate any issues that arise from these activities prior to customers becoming aware of any issues” says Senior Leadership.

Automating Using AWS

Previous testing was performed manually and was not able to easily accommodate changing requirements, applications, or user loads. A much more rigorous Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) platform needed to be designed and implemented to ensure project success. PCI proposed an agile testing framework that would adapt to the customers DevSecOps model for independent verification and validation.

We chose to build upon the AWS platform because of its ease of use and service availability. AWS provides the framework that allowed deployment of early prototype MVP within weeks of initiation. We integrated a combination of AWS native tools such as EKS, Cognito, Route53, and products available in the marketplace to deploy a fully managed “self-healing” testing framework that provides DHS with secure on-demand testing that is fully integrated into their CI/CD pipelines. Through the integrated dashboard, users can also monitor status of the system and view test reports in real time.

Benefits of AWS

  • Reduced the time to deployment by 45%
  • Allows customer to initiate testing on-demand
  • Seamless Integration into CI/CD pipelines
  • Fully redundant system “Self-Healing”

AWS Cloud Diagram

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