What is Agile?

Is your government program looking to “go Agile”? Is success critical? Have clearance requirements? Let the BigBear.ai experts guide you on your Agile journey – because the stakes are too high to fail. Services Suite Explore our site by using the navigation tool below.

Helping programs deliver real solutions with Agile

In 2008, enterprises spent an estimated $1.3 trillion in digital transformation initiatives, and the government is not far behind.

Government agencies must respond to rapid changes in the global threat environment. Those threats include cybersecurity, demands for greater accountability in government spending, decreasing budgets, and antiquated stove-piped systems that do not share information.

In 2018, enterprises spent an estimated $1.3 trillion in digital transformation initiatives, and the government is not far behind.

The government has been through numerous transformation initiatives before and many have failed. So, what makes Agile different? The results!

The traditional waterfall development process assumes complete and perfect knowledge of all requirements and design criteria up front. There is no opportunity for learning, feedback, or adjustment until time for product delivery. Even the built-in milestones – System Requirements Review, Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, and Test Readiness Review – only provide a false sense of learning and feedback. After all, most programs see frequent requirements adjustments, which drives design changes, which results in schedule and cost overruns. Even then, what is finally delivered often fails to meet user expectations or is delayed to the point of irrelevance.

What if you could deliver the right solution on time while saving money – even through a season of changing requirements?

You can with Agile!

Succeeding with a Lean-Agile Transformation

Many programs try to “go Agile,” but don’t see the expected results for several reasons:

  • Leadership is not involved in the process
  • Programs are told they need to transition to Agile but don’t know where to start
  • Coaching and training on new roles are not provided
  • Programs have trouble scaling Agile practices beyond a single team to large, complex systems
  • Budgeting and contracting offices feel constrained by outdated and inflexible processes

The big question: How do you ensure that your program will succeed? BigBear.ai has helped multiple government programs flourish in their new Lean-Agile programs.

Scaled Agile Coaching

We provide coaches and scrum masters to help lead an organization’s transition into lean-agile practices. We map out the way for the organization. We help them identify people for servant leadership roles, what training is necessary (role-based or organization-wide), and can even help with facilitating their PI Planning Event.

SAFe® Training

Our Certified SAFe® Program Consultants are able to provide training for 11 different SAFe® courses. These courses help the individuals learn SAFe® processes, mindsets, principles, and how to set up and function as a Team or ART. View the Course List

PI Planning App Service

BigBear.ai leverages a govt approved cloud solution to provide the PIPlanning application in a secure cloud-based environment that has rapid deployment capability, user-defined DevSecOps processes and tools. BigBear.ai provides a flexible and secure network connection via authentication using a Common Access Card (CAC) or equivalent browser certificates for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Learn More.

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Every government program and Agile transformation is different.

BigBear.ai can help whether you are just starting or have been Agile for a while, but not seeing the expected results.

The SAFe Implementation Roadmap is based on thousands of Agile transformations and can give you an idea of where you are and your next steps.

Let’s chat about where you are now and how to get to where you want to be.

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