Clarity for the world’s most complex decisions provides decision intelligence solutions and is trusted by leaders in government & defense, travel & transportation, manufacturing & warehouse operations, and healthcare & life sciences. closes Pangiam acquisition, establishing a leading position in Vision AI for national security, supply chain management, and digital identity.

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A higher form of decision intelligence provides decision intelligence solutions for national security, digital identity, supply chains and logistics, enterprise operations, and manned-unmanned teaming in autonomous systems.

Our experts bring experience from some of the most complex operating environments, and we partner with our customers to design and implement solutions tailored to their needs.

Revolutionizing National Security, Digital Identity, and Supply Chain Management leverages cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and computer vision to transform how organizations address their most complex challenges.

Our national security solutions deliver operational readiness, empower autonomous systems at the edge, and facilitate logistics in contested environments.

We offer comprehensive solutions for secure digital identification and flow-of-traffic control using advanced computer vision and biometrics, and our renowned digital twin and modeling and simulation solutions continue to optimize supply chains, manufacturing, and logistics operations globally.

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Government & Defense, Travel & Transportation, Manufacturing & Warehouse Operations, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our solutions empower leaders to streamline operations and make more informed decisions for manufacturing production flows, supply chains & logistics optimizations, clinical trial modeling, identification and analysis of system vulnerabilities, and force readiness and deployment for the military.

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