Solutions Overview

Decision intelligence solutions for supply chains and logistics, enterprise operations, manned-unmanned teaming in autonomous systems, and cybersecurity.

Supply Chains & Logistics

We provide modeling and simulation with predictive capabilities for tactical and strategic planning across production lines and logistics operations. 

ProModel® Solution Suite

Whether you work in a shipyard, retail, manufacturing, a healthcare facility, or within warehouse operations, power your process improvement and design to optimize real-world operations with the ProModel® Solution suite.


Gain decision advantage and maintain a competitive edge with our advanced, automated capability to make sense of multiple data streams. Enable supply chain planning, forecast future outcomes, and derive meaningful insights.

Organizational Readiness

Align your organization’s scarce resources to your objectives or missions. Digitize your organizational alignment, track supply and demand, perform what-if analysis and harness your data to respond to an ever-changing world.


A unique data collection and curation capability designed to derive insights out of enormous volumes of publicly-available information (PAI) from multiple domains.


Trusted for decades to ensure our networks, infrastructure, supply chains and critical systems remain secure.


Accelerate your cybersecurity vulnerability analysis and testing with automated, machine assisted binary analysis in a scalable and flexible modular framework. Troy’s Reverse Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) capabilities generate SBOMs for firmware-controlled systems, even without source code access.


Achieve cyber resilience for Space Systems. Safeguard from attack with our modeling & simulation and digital twin technology to rapidly identify, evaluate and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities. Improve situational awareness of your space systems with AI-backed anomaly detection algorithms applied to telemetric and on-board system activity. Engineer future secure space systems using defense in depth and cyber-hardened software architecture in our secured digital engineering environment.

Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

Accelerate the detection of vulnerabilities with’s proprietary AI/ML solutions.

Autonomous Systems

Our advanced AI/ML capabilities enable autonomous systems to operate with unparalleled efficiency and safety, supporting higher-risk missions, expanding operational reach and efficiency, optimizing resources, and saving lives.


AI/ML-powered computer vision, predictive analytics, and event alerting to make sense of data, classify objects, and provide unprecedented situational awareness. Leverage descriptive analytics to monitor what is happening and predictive analytics projecting what is to happen – all so you can confidently act. 

Professional Services

The pace of change is accelerating, and our adversaries are taking full advantage. You need expert resources at the ready to fill critical gaps and maintain the battlefield advantage.

Cloud Engineering and Enterprise IT

IT modernization and Cloud migration solutions for the Federal Government, leveraging decades of experience to enable digital transformation and modernization and ensure mission continuity. 

Cyber Operations and Cybersecurity

Engineering services to empower your computer network operations (CNO) mission. Cybersecurity engineering services to implement zero trust, identify and access management (IdAM), and other solutions that defend critical systems, data, and network infrastructure. Analytic development powered by the convergence of artificial intelligence and cyber expertise to reduce the transformation of cyber data to actionable insights. 

Data Analytics and Visualization

Unlock the power of your data with’s advanced analytics and visualization services. Gain actionable insights and make informed decisions, faster. 

Systems Engineering, Strategy, Program Planning, and Agile Services

Implement the technologies driving the digital revolution by partnering with our experts. We offer strategic planning, engineering, and training to revolutionize development, reduce time-to-market, boost productivity, and elevate mission critical systems’ quality. We also support agile project planning, on-site agile coaching and training, lean portfolio management, and agile contracting support.

We are a trusted partner focused on helping organizations make their most difficult and important decisions. has been delivering unique expertise and transformative technologies since 1988. Get in touch today, and let our experts help your organization.