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Be Quick. Be Efficient.
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At, we go broad and deep to solve your most complex problems, combining our nuanced understanding of your environment with powerful, AI-driven analytics to discern the world around you.

AI-Driven Software Solutions help you:

  • Make better decisions
  • Execute effectively
  • Build resilience and agility
  • Gain a competitive edge

Our customers depend on us for reliable, scalable, and accessible
technology solutions and expert guidance in these areas:


Analytics Solutions

Complex strategic and operational challenges require quick, decisive action. But dirty data and external blind spots are roadblocks to making timely decisions with confidence. applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create powerful data enrichment and analytics solutions that enable you to clearly see and understand the present, predict the future, and execute effectively.

We deliver Decision Intelligence through:

Data Visualization icon


Supplementing your data with our expansive data collections and using advanced data science to create more holistic insights.

Predictive, Augmented Analytics icon of a crystal ball


Applying multi-faceted discovery and visualization techniques to identify and explain the influences that can affect your outcomes.

Goal oriented Guidance

Goal Oriented

Providing prescriptive advice based on “what-if” scenarios to help achieve desired outcomes.

Modeling & Simulation

Your environments are complex and interdependent. How can you innovate and optimize processes within these complicated systems—all while mitigating risk, reducing capital expenditures, and eliminating cost overruns?

ProModel® Solutions from are designed to help you visualize, analyze, and optimize processes, portfolios, projects, and performance.


Leverage discrete-event simulation technology to help you plan, design, and improve new or existing operational systems—including manufacturing, logistics, and more.

Learn how to optimize processes and key performance indicators with ProModel.

AutoCAD® Edition

Design, simulate, and optimize your factory layout directly in AutoCAD to better understand how your manufacturing processes really work and how to make them work better with process flow simulation software.


Evaluate, plan, and design improvements to processes across the hospital to improve patient flow, operating room scheduling, length of stay (LOS) analysis, and more with our AI software for hospitals.


Transform static flowcharts, workflow diagrams, and CAD drawings into dynamic simulation models that accurately predict process performance measures, all within Microsoft Visio.

Enterprise Planning &
Logistics Solutions

Logistics can be risky and unreliable—while having a significant impact on customer service levels and financial performance.

And understanding the real capacity of a factory or facility is significantly hampered by multiple variables, including inventory levels, labor issues, equipment downtime, and quality levels.

With all this risk and uncertainty, how can you be sure where to make changes or how to plan ahead in your business processes?

We help solve the complexity and variability of enterprise planning and logistics with market-focused AI software solutions.

Using predictive simulation technology, you can test alternatives in a risk-free environment before committing capital and resources:

  • Increase capacity
  • Decrease costs
  • Reduce cycle time

Shipyard AI®

Enables shipbuilding professionals to visualize and analyze multiple production scenarios, optimizing footprint, schedules, and throughput to improve the bottom line.

FutureFlow Rx®

Creates a digital twin of your hospital or clinic, providing predictive analytics to accurately anticipate and plan for patient volumes and manage resources to ensure safe and efficient patient care.


The pace of change is accelerating, and you need expert resources at the ready to outpace the competition and outperform your goals.

We become your business improvement partners—providing advanced
technology expertise, guidance, and additional resource support.


From Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration to Lean-Agile practices and DevSecOps support, we move beyond the basics to understand your needs and craft an implementation that’s right for you.

Peter Kalish, GE

“ has accelerated the time it takes us to create a critical mass of support for changes to complicated businesses. This single fact has provided MILLIONS of dollars in bottom line benefits.”

Peter Kalish, GE

Roland Schelasin, Modeling and Simulation Engineer

“The nice thing about is the fact that you can build a model in such a way that somebody who doesn't know can use it. The flexibility that they bring to providing models for "Third Party Users" is a tremendous benefit.”

Roland Schelasin, Modeling and Simulation Engineer

David Fernandez, VP of Cancer Hospital & Neuroscience Institute at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

“The OR management team formed clinical-based PI teams to steer the streamlining efforts and employed data-driven simulation modeling from to address the highly variable nature of the work with the goal of increasing patient throughput by 30% with no or little increase in costs.”

David Fernandez, VP of Cancer Hospital & Neuroscience Institute at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Scott Orr, Director, PMO at PRG

“Being able to present outcomes from the simulations speaks volumes! Presenting these outcomes in logical terms that others can understand allows us to optimize the value of the portfolio we have put together.”

Scott Orr, Director, PMO at PRG

Article from the Signal featuring Ingalls Shipbuilding

“The new tool has taken a process that historically took 10 weeks to complete and can now finish the scheduling activity in less than an hour…Ingalls expects to reduce 'real estate' allocation processing time by 30% and place 20 more units 'under cover' annually, with an estimated cost savings of over $990K per year.”

Article from the Signal featuring Ingalls Shipbuilding

Validate Complex Manufacturing Processes and New Facility Design with Process Simulator

Case Study

Validate Complex Manufacturing Processes and New Facility Design with Process Simulator

Decision Support Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Decision Support Solution Brief

Defense Manufacturer Improves Capability to Meet Deadlines and Mitigate Risk for Its Customers

Case Study

Defense Manufacturer Improves Capability to Meet Deadlines and Mitigate Risk for Its Customers

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