Arcas™’s integration of computer vision, predictive analytics, and event alerting technology revolutionizes data analysis at the edge. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our advanced systems sift through vast datasets to uncover insights beyond human reach, effectively eliminating blind spots and augmenting situational awareness.

Create a coherent view of your operational space

Arcas™ synthesizes millions of data points to enhance situational awareness and powers predictive forecasts with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It intelligently processes video streams and generates real-time alerts upon detecting anomalies

Through our adaptable analytics framework, Arcas™ not only monitors past events but also projects future trends, empowering leaders to make informed decisions with confidence. 


Ingestion and Fusion of Disparate Data Sources 

Seamlessly integrate disparate data sources such as sensors and edge devices, unifying them into a universally accessible format. 

AI-Powered Computer Vision for Eliminating Blind Spots 

AI-empowered computer vision to execute precise object interpretation, identification, and classification, enhancing situational awareness to unprecedented levels. 

Real-Time Anomaly Detection 

Mitigate human oversight and operator fatigue by identifying and alerting about unusual behavior, augmenting your operational team with AI/ML.  

Comprehensive Operational Space Visualization 

Enable visualization of extensive data volumes, perform analytics, and receive alerts through any common operational picture (COP) or user interface (UI). 

Continuous Event Observation and Future Action Prediction 

Flexible analytics framework generates descriptive analytics reflecting past events and predictive analytics projecting future trends, enabling leaders to make informed decisions. 

Safety and Efficacy Loop for Continuous Improvement 

Arcas™ constantly ingests new data, monitors model drift, and trains and deploys new models, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in real-time decision-making. 

Make the most of your unmanned, autonomous systems with Arcas™

Arcas™ leverages the latest in AI-powered computer vision, predictive analytics and event alerting capabilities to deliver consistent, decision-quality information, providing an overwhelming advantage over the competition. Privacy Policy