Arcas™: Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics and Event Alerting Capabilities for Autonomous Systems

Domestic militaries and partner alliances are responsible for maintaining security, free and open transportation, and communications to ensure global economic stability. Complex operational challenges like disparate data sources, a lack of integrated data to a common visualization platform, and the inability to characterize behavior quickly prevent these militaries and alliances from having the domain awareness they need to execute effective command and control.

Arcas eliminates blind spots by sifting through data to flag suspicious behavior using AI/ML that human eyes would often miss. Additionally, high-fidelity algorithms can provide decision-makers with recommended time windows that give missions the highest likelihood of success.

As warfare continues to evolve, operators and analysts need analytics suites like Arcas to deploy an easy-to-understand user interface on a “single pane of glass” that will arm decision-makers with the information necessary to prevail on the modern battlefield.

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