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We provide AI-powered decision intelligence through predictive analytics softwares and expertise to diverse organizations with global operations — extracting new insights from massive amounts of data, and helping our customers achieve scalability, resilience, efficiency, and competitive advantage through decision intelligence.

We developed our unique expertise in technologies like artificial intelligence through supporting critical missions for the US Department of Defense and Intelligence agencies, providing real-time data analysis and decision support for the most extensive and complicated challenges in the world.

We now apply this knowledge and insight across a range of industries, tackling challenges in supply chains and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, travel, autonomous systems, and risk management to help you visualize, predict, and navigate changing conditions that impact your operations.

Explore Our Technology-Led Solutions For:

Government & Defense

We empower leaders to unlock the full potential using technologies like artificial intelligence and modeling and simulation to improve operational efficiency and force deployment, run and manage autonomous systems, improve situational awareness, and detect/analyze vulnerabilities to protect valuable assets. 

Gov and Defense - BigBear.ai AI predictive analytics software for Government and DoD
Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations - BigBear.ai AI predictive analytics software

Manufacturing & Warehouse Operations

We model and optimize production systems, resource management and warehouse operations for warehouses, shipyards, life sciences companies, retail, and manufacturers with our AI-powered decision intelligence solutions and expertise.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our data analytics and modeling are used to accelerate drug development and efficiency of clinical trials, widen the scope of predictive medicine, and and tailor care delivery settings to optimize patient flows. 

Healthcare and Life Sciences - BigBear.ai AI predictive analytics softwares
Academia, Universities - BigBear.ai ProModel AI digital twin, predictive analytics software for teaching and eduction


We have provided our ProModel® simulation software to academic institutions for over 30 years, and are committed to helping students (and faculty) learn the skills to improve organizational productivity and advance their future career paths.


We are a trusted partner focused on helping organizations make their most difficult and important decisions.

BigBear.ai has been delivering unique expertise and transformative technologies since 1988. Get in touch today, and let our experts help your organization.

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