Take the Uncertainty Out of the Unknown

At BigBear.ai, we help you see what could be next, so you can decide what will be next. BigBear.ai creates information superiority for governments and businesses, so you can confidently make the decisions that change markets and define outcomes, whether in competitive industries or contested battlespaces. We help you know more, to view the world through your data’s eyes, to make decisions based on a more complete picture. We make dirty data come clean, to unleash a fuller view of what’s happening in your world. We bring context to the complex, sourcing more data to help form a full picture of the decision, not limited by a local field of view. We help you learn more.

With automated workflows and human insight, we operationalize artificial intelligence to find new ideas rather than just the same outputs through automated decision trees and simple heuristics. We help you solve more, with composable architecture for real-time solutions to real-world problems, anywhere across the enterprise. Swap fragility for agility to solve problems where they happen, so the limits of your breakthroughs are boundless. Model the outputs with the Artemis prediction engine, to chain together choices and determine their impact in a controlled environment, so you can do more than make decisions that than provide answers. With BigBear.ai, make decisions that shape your world. Better data. Better AI. Better insight for every decision.