's Proactive Stance on AI Safety: Driving a Responsible AI Future in Response to the White House and NTIA

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping our world at an unprecedented pace, the quest for ensuring the safe and responsible use of transformative technologies is more critical than ever.

At, our conviction is that the path to unleashing the full potential of AI is paved with responsible, ethical, open, and trustworthy practices. Guided by this tenet, we’re committed to being a significant player in shaping the policies and standards that will dictate the course of AI safety.

When the Biden administration and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) issued a call for public input on AI safety measures in April 2023, we saw it as more than just a call – it was a chance to put our expertise to work for a safer, more responsible AI future. And we did not hesitate to answer.

Our extensive, 28-page public response to the NTIA underscores our commitment and expertise in tackling critical AI policy and regulatory issues. has been providing a higher form of decision-intelligence since 1988. We have a solid footing within the defense and intelligence market, and a growing presence in the commercial sector. We are ideally placed to make a real difference when it comes to safe adoption of AI-based tools and technologies.

As we move forward, our commitment to responsible, trustworthy, and ethical AI innovation remains steadfast. We’ll continue to engage with policymakers, working together to shape the future of these advanced technologies and ensure their positive impact on society.

Join us on this journey. Discover our stance on AI safety, our policy recommendations, and our vision for a future guided by responsibility and trust.

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