National Security brings over 30 years of experience delivering capabilities into operational environments for critical missions. We have been proud to support the national security mission through the DoD, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Intelligence Community (IC). Our National Security focus, centrally aligned with the Federal Government’s National Defense Strategy (NDS) released in 2022, includes:

Operational Readiness: Streamlining the existing complex processes of organizing and forecasting manpower, equipment, and supply chain data.’s solutions deliver course of action decision support and event prediction/forecasting – providing decision makers with insights at the speed of operational relevance.

Autonomy at the Edge: Orchestrating and fusing data and artificial intelligence at the edge, even in distributed and/or disconnected environments. We offer proven computer vision, anomaly/event detection, and descriptive and predictive analytics to support operations and break down silos between vendors and systems.

Contested Logistics: Our approach to enabling our military, intelligence, and federal agencies to facilitate the safe transport of goods and people in contested environments and at points of entry. 

Arcas™’s edge-enabled computer vision, predictive analytics, and event alerting technology eliminates blind spots, using AI/ML-powered computer vision to sift through data to provide awareness where the human eye would often miss.

Additionally, through our extensible analytics framework, we create descriptive analytics monitoring what has happened and predictive analytics projecting what is to happen – all so leaders can confidently act. Whether making decisions in sea, air, space, land or cyber, Arcas™ enables real-time monitoring and analysis. 

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Observe® captures and distills relevant data into organized sets of information, forming a coherent and continuously updated view of the situations that matter to you anywhere on the globe. Our collections cover many subjects including facilities, location, news, events, social media, public communications, internet services and more. Use Observe® to improve operational awareness and make more-informed decisions, faster. For situations that require a more customized solution, Observe® collections can be used to enrich your proprietary data and analytics via modern, robust APIs. 

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