Observe ®

A unique data collection and curation capability designed to derive insights out of enormous volumes of publicly available data from multiple domains.

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Transform data overload into actionable insights

Observe® captures and distills relevant data into organized sets of information, forming a coherent and continuously updated view of the situations that matter to you anywhere on the globe. Our collections cover many subjects including facilities, location, news, events, social media, public communications, internet services and more. For situations that require a more customized solution, Observe® collections can be used to enrich your proprietary data and analytics via modern, robust APIs.


Comprehensive Monitoring for Rapid Response 

Use publicly available data for sentiment analysis, communication monitoring, and detection of significant events. 

Effortlessly Collect
Information at Scale

Eliminate the need for engineering expertise, allowing decision makers to gather valuable data with ease.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Observe delivers near real-time visibility into relevant data, providing analysts with the clarity required for informed decision-making based on publicly available information.

Customizable Data Source Enrichment 

Observe offers robust, modern APIs to augment your proprietary data with tailor-made collections.

Proven Technological Excellence

More than 8 years of experience using Observe to provide a higher form of actionable decision intelligence for unique customer needs.

Around-the-Clock Customer Support

With 24/7 customer support, you’ll always have an expert at your side.

Unlock the data around you to gain new insights

Contact us today and understand how Observe® can support your organization’s goals.

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