Leverage SpaceCREST’s digital twin to rapidly identify and evaluate vulnerabilities, develop cyber resilience, and protect your physical asset from attacks that could compromise functionality.

space satellite on monitor

Study and evaluate vulnerabilities in a cyber-physical system

SpaceCREST’s tools and technologies, co-developed with Redwire, make it easy to perform vulnerability research on hardware components, identify potential vulnerabilities that could compromise systems, and provide tools and techniques that demonstrate how to mitigate and protect against the potential vulnerabilities identified.


Perfect Solution for Any Cyber-Physical System

SpaceCREST is trusted by the Department of Defense to keep space assets secure, and adaptable to provide cybersecurity to a range of use cases across national security, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Identify Vulnerabilities that Could Compromise Systems can rapidly integrate your devices into an evaluation and security testing environment to assess vulnerabilities and identify cyber security needs.

Use Digital Twins to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

SpaceCREST’s digital twin provides tools to perform vulnerability research and helps operators rapidly identify when an attack or system failure is occurring.

Unparalleled Situational Awareness

SpaceCREST provides continuous monitoring and situational awareness of assets. Use digital twins to quickly respond to early detections. 

Test to See How Vulnerabilities Impact Operations 

Using modeling and simulation, SpaceCREST can perform catastrophic testing without physically destroying the physical asset or interrupting operations.

Act, React, and Protect Faster Than Humanly Possible

Using the digital twin, operators can rapidly identify when an attack or system failure is occurring. This enables operators to quickly respond to early detections or leverage a built-in response system to mitigate the attack or failure faster than a human.

Build your digital twin using SpaceCREST’s high-fidelity modeling and simulation.

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