The Force Behind Force Management: Helping the US Army Drive the GFIM Initiative

The Force Behind Force Management: Helping the US Army Drive the GFIM Initiative

While most people procrastinate until they suffer the consequences of waiting too long to upgrade aging devices and software, the US Army is adopting a more proactive approach to stay ahead of the technology curve. Slogging through a project using obsolete computer software or agonizing over not having access to the latest emojis 😉 on a smartphone aren’t the consequences of putting off an upgrade for the Army – lives and mission success are at stake.

The Global Force Information Management (GFIM) initiative is so vital to the Army that Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth, sees prioritization of people, modernization, and readiness as the guiding foundations for continued advancement on the future battlefield. One major undertaking to fulfilling Sec. Wormuth’s vision is the GFIM effort, which the Army has trusted to lead. is leading a team of industry innovators, including Appian, Deloitte, and IgniteIT, to deliver a standalone automated cloud platform that provides a holistic and real-time view of the Army’s data, which is currently housed across 14 aging legacy systems. Approximately 160,000 Army users will leverage GFIM to help staff, equip, train, and resource the force more effectively by eliminating the need for manual processes and incorporating AI to consolidate and automate critical data across disparate systems.

Currently, the Army makes force management decisions based on the information gathered by mining 15 legacy systems for the pertinent information. Simply finding the data needed to drive decision-making is largely manual. Further complicating force management for the Army, the end users spend countless person-hours manually retrieving the data needed to make decisions, which could be outdated!’s GFIM solution will make the Army’s force management operations far more effective and efficient by consolidating the 14 legacy systems into a single platform bolstered by AI technology to deliver real-time data to decision-makers in a single interface. is delivering three capabilities as part of the GFIM project: an analytics tool, a transactional tool, and a data layer. Currently, the team is developing a minimum viable product (MVP) for the Army, which builds on a prototype that delivered in a previous phase of the project. The project’s next phase, which has yet to be awarded, will involve implementing the MVP to complete the Army’s GFIM digital transformation.

As the world evolves – both in business and on the battlefield – organizations that harness the power of AI to deliver reliable, real-time information to decision-makers will be better positioned for success. If some technologies or superpowers allow us to predict what will happen in the future, we’re unaware of them. But, at, we believe the outcomes don’t have to be uncertain. Using AI to analyze mountains of data to identify patterns and relationships relative to past events may not give our customers a crystal ball, but it will enable them to make better decisions at the right time – every time.

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