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We have SAFe Program Consultants on staff that provide a full spectrum of services to organizations that want to transition from traditional waterfall development processes to Lean-Agile development with more frequent, predictable, and reliable product deliveries. Our certified, experienced professionals teach certification courses and a variety of workshops to give organizations both a foundation in agile development with the Scaled Agile Framework and role-based training to aid those learning new roles to better support Lean-Agile development.

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The Power of Lean Agile

Consider 30-75% faster time to market, 25-75% defect reduction, and 20-50% increase in productivity. Employees also report a 10-50% higher satisfaction rate. Even organizations that have successfully adopted a Lean-Agile mindset with DevOps at the team level can benefit because there are additional techniques required to effectively scale Lean-Agile development to multiple teams in larger organizations and ensure synchronization across multiple related efforts.

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