Three people analyzing a table screen powered by AI software analytics to Inform and Advance Critical Missions within Government projectsThree people analyzing a table screen powered by AI software analytics to Inform and Advance Critical Missions within Government projects

Accuracy. Agility. Action. provides powerful AI software for government and resources you need to conquer mission-critical challenges:

  • Integrating and interpreting enormous volumes of complex, incomplete, dirty data
  • Keeping pace with new informational and operational demands with skilled labor and expertise in short supply
  • Getting the right information and assets to the right place, at the right time, under extreme circumstances
  • Managing the burden of legacy databases, systems, and processes that lack interoperability
  • Struggling with manual processing that is prone to error, latency, and security vulnerabilities

Decision Advantage.’s decision support solutions leverage AI-powered analytics to reveal behaviors and dependencies in operational environments, including anticipated adversarial actions and recommending counter actions for government agencies.

We help you generate optimal courses of action to achieve desired outcomes, supported by automated, expert guidance to inform choices and create decision advantage.

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Cyber Solutions.
Powerful Protection. designs and engineers intelligence analysis software & cyber solutions throughout our nation’s intelligence and defense missions.

Through comprehensive cybersecurity engineering, assessment, and compliance, we help protect the networks, critical infrastructure, and supply chains upon which our nation depends.

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Intelligent Automation: Guiding the
World’s Most Complex Military Operations

Developing an integrated and interoperable force management environment that automates time-consuming processes and provides risk-informed decision support is critical to our nation’s defense. can help you streamline force management enterprises and workflows to ensure the right people, are in the right place, and on the right mission.

Only the
Agile Survive.

When information is power, you need expert IT resources you can trust to turn data into intelligence, keep your operation agile, and stay ahead of your competition.’s Professional Services Solutions provide a true extension of your team—with advanced technology expertise, guidance, and staff augmentation support to ensure you not only keep up but you gain the advantage and win.

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Gene Lesinski, Operations Research Analyst

“We modeled the as-is system and we built the as-is system with the ability to do "what-if" on four primary scenarios, including the ability to manipulate course capacity. With just a 5% increase in capacity in three of the four primary courses, we could decrease the ROTC wait time for the specialty training by about 30 days, which equates to 60,000 man-days.”

Gene Lesinski, Operations Research Analyst

General Dennis L. Via, Materiel Command

“Leveraging the power of automation offered by the Decision Support Tool, we can inform Army-wide equipping decisions that in the past took two to three months of manual searches. The systems incorporated through LMI allow us to do that in minutes/hours. It saves a tremendous amount of time."

General Dennis L. Via, Materiel Command

Chief of Staff

“The results were simply amazing! More importantly, on May 28, 2020 the world changed and how we deliver decision advantage through understanding of the operational environment and military forces will never be the same. Each of you should be justifiably proud of this accomplishment and its historic nature. Thank you!”

Chief of Staff

Officer Accessions Flow Timing Improvement

Case Study

Officer Accessions Flow Timing Improvement

Panel Discussion: AI/ML Applications to Support DHS


Panel Discussion: AI/ML Applications to Support DHS

ORION Decision Support Tool

Solution Brief

ORION Decision Support Tool

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