CEO Mandy Long on Yahoo Finance to Discuss ChatGPT's 1st Anniversary and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Featured: CEO, Mandy Long, highlighted on Yahoo Finance discussing the astounding growth of generative AI technology and its transformative role in business and national security.

“The rate and pace of innovation of this kind of technology has no historical precedent,” Mandy tells Yahoo Finance, later adding: “AI is the new literacy.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Generative AI Revolution: Mandy reflects on the first anniversary of ChatGPT, noting generative AI’s widespread adoption as a new form of literacy in the tech world, and recognizing the “rise of the developer,” emphasizing tech teams’ abilities to influence critical decisions.
  • AI in national security and business: Discussing‘s role, Mandy emphasizes our focus on applying AI for complex decision-making in both national security and commercial enterprise, underscoring the increasing importance of AI in various operational environments.
  • What’s Next for Mandy points out the unprecedented expansion of AI applications in sectors like cybersecurity, logistics, and autonomous systems, anticipating a promising year ahead for
  • AI, Privacy, and Regulation: Addressing crucial concerns, Mandy touches on the balance between AI advancements and privacy, emphasizing “tech regulating tech” – continuous and adaptive regulatory measures to keep pace with technological progress. Privacy Policy