NuWave Solutions Announces Winners of Its Third InNuVation Hackathon Solution -“Anchorage Characterization”

MCLEAN, VA, March 11, 2020 — NuWave Solutions, LLC held its third InNuVation Hackathon on February 27, 2020. The Hackathon, called “Anchorage Characterization,” challenged employees to analyze Automated Identification System (AIS) data to provide intelligence about ships delivering goods to ports around the world, and identify analytics that would optimize maritime business decisions and operations. ShipTracks partnered with NuWave to provide participants access to the worldwide ship and port data. Mark Keyser, NuWave CEO; Brad Hubbard, NuWave COO; and Charles Riley, Shiptracks President comprised the panel of judges for this Hackathon.

“The results of this challenge are of distinct interest to firms with large maritime logistics operations and the advanced geospatial and temporal analytics methods and technologies being exercised can be transformative for all of our clients,” said NuWave Executive Vice President, Brian Frutchey.

NuWave employees who participated in the Hackathon demonstrated expertise in data analysis and used the strength of their visionary insight and technical expertise to provide several innovative solutions to understand anchorages. This challenge combined big data transformation of billions of individual data points in the raw data with geospatial analytics. Judges reviewed solutions for several factors including the amount of the globe analyzed, the diversity and usefulness of insights, the validity of the analysis, and the visual display of results.

Four teams entered solutions for consideration. Machine Learning Engineer Raja Chithambaram created the winning solution. Named SmartM3 (Maritime Metric Miner), Chithambaram’s solution provides a simple dashboard that allows a user to obtain data-driven metrics for any port or anchorage in the world. Chithambaram cleaned, de-duped, filtered and aggregated nine months of AIS data from which he derived insights such as anchorage wait time, cargo service time, arrival rate, departure rate, and more and trained predictive models (validated by 3 future months of data) to forecast these measures into the future.

“I am impressed with the innovation and creativity the NuWave staff brought to this real-life business challenge. NuWave employees continue to offer solutions to business leaders that allow them to more accurately predict future events and ultimately make better decisions.” Said Mark Keyser, CEO NuWave Solutions.