Visual Interactions Provide Real-time Advice to Inform Decisions in Complex Situations

Dominate is a next generation decision support application that enables customers to convert data into outcomes. Utilizing technology derived from our battlefield expertise, Dominate analyzes your existing data to generate a forecast of probable future outcomes based on different decision options, assign a likelihood to each of those outcomes, and ultimately allow users to understand the potential impacts for each of those decision options. Dominate is based on a resilient analytical architecture, specifically designed to make sense of data sets that are periodically dirty, erroneous, or full of gaps, going beyond the traditional pitfalls of other big data analytics. Customers can easily manipulate constraints or modify outcome goals through an interactive interface to quickly reveal the impacts of different decisions. Even in the most complex multi-domain environments, Dominate provides certainty in shaping conditions to reveal unexpected insights and develop innovative courses of action.

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