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The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of unprecedented challenges:

  • Emergence of multiple respiratory viruses
  • Nursing staffing shortage
  • Aging population leading to an increase patient volume
  • Financial recovery from COVID

Meeting the Challenge

Hospitals are having to find ways to optimize resources and move from reactive to proactive problem solving and planning. recognizes the critical need for hospitals to stay prepared and is proud to offer support to help them do just that.

FutureFlow Rx utilizes digital twin simulation and machine learning capabilities to provide hospitals with predictive analytics to help accurately forecast:

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For a limited time and on a first-come, first-serve basis, we are offering qualified hospitals a free 12-month subscription ($250,000 value) to FutureFlow RX.

With this platform, hospitals can not only proactively identify near- term and long- term problems, but also test interventions and identify the optimal solution to improve patient flow, balance resources and enable optimal patient care before the problem happens.

Seattle Children's Hospital

Read how FutureFlow RX saved Seattle Children’s Hospital $14 million dollars and 1500 hours of operation staffing huddle hours

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Don’t let unforeseen circumstances catch you off guard.

Sign up now for your free subscription to FutureFlow RX and be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

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