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The Value of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

SAFe Agile Diagram

What makes SAFe® better than other Agile methodologies?

SAFe is the world’s leading methodology for Agile development at scale. SAFe accommodates systems of all sizes and industries including hardware-based and software-based complex systems with multiple subsystems or contractors. The building block of SAFe is the Agile team – a small cross-functional team of people that can define, build, test, and deploy a feature or component of the system. They are optimized for communication and delivery of value. Teams contain all the functions necessary for delivering a slice of the system, including developers, testers, engineers, cyber specialists, and customer representatives.

But what if the system requires multiple teams? The Agile processes must scale. SAFe provides that scalability through Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

ARTs are long-lived teams of Agile teams aligned to a value stream. They are synchronized on a common cadence of development and aligned to a common mission.

All teams execute on the same cadence and meet regularly for a Program Increment (PI) Planning session. The focus is on continuous integration, frequent system demos, addressing dependencies, and adjusting when necessary. Teams spend time looking ahead to plan the next increment, looking behind with the Inspect and Adapt Workshops, and re-prioritizing the Program Backlog to deliver value.

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