Business Intelligence

We turn data into intelligence for government and business leaders. We work with these leaders to define the key performance metrics they need to measure success. With this knowledge, we develop methods to assemble, present and disseminate the information to organizational stakeholders in a way that makes sense to them in managing their business.

Data Lakes

We implement and curate large repositories of structured and unstructured data for the enterprise to be used for reporting, visualization, analytics and machine learning.

Exploratory Analytics

Finding relationships, patterns and trends is cumbersome when dealing with large datasets. Our exploratory analytics team uses data mining and other methods to examine previously unknown information about our customers’ data to arrive at new insights.

Predictive Analytics

Imagine what you could achieve if you could predict future events. Imagination becomes reality with predictive analytics. Our team of experts uses a combination of technologies and cross-validation methods to break through the noise in big data, pinpoint important variables, and deliver accurate predictions of operational outcomes based on validation data.

Data Visualization

Sometimes seeing the relationships and patterns in data is difficult to see in standard data schemas and database tables. That’s where our visualization team comes in. We develop software that brings the “data to life” by displaying it visually; thereby, making it easier for clients to understand the story their data is telling.

Machine Learning

At, we developed the Artemis Anticipatory Network (A2N) to take standard machine learning to the next level. Our solution helps leaders outmaneuver opponents. A2N learns relationships across domains with modern machine learning and then forecasts behaviors, detects anomalies and predicts the likely impacts of decisions. A2N also addresses the shortcoming of most other artificial intelligence solutions – it is able to process data in its native form. Dirty data isn’t a problem for our solution because we built it to leverage the tensor completion algorithm, making it more viable in the real-world where imperfect data is the norm, not the outlier.

Cloud Platforms has expertise in both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. We can help you move from on-premises to a hybrid to a full cloud environment.

Cloud Computing

We provide the expertise necessary to realize the availability, reliability and scalability of cloud computing environments.