Gain decision advantage and maintain a competitive edge over adversaries with an advanced, automated capability to make sense of multiple streams of data to derive meaningful insights.

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Dominate® is a next-generation decision support application that converts data into outcomes

Our time series forecasting engine, Dominate®, analyzes economic indicators, global indices, media data and more to enable supply chain planning and forecast probable future outcomes.  Our cutting edge approach to data preparation has been proven in some of the world’s most complex environments.


Next-Generation Decision Support Application 

Utilizes AI/ML to leverage the relationships between more complete data elements to influence your outcomes.

Turn Data Into Guidance

Multi-step, multi-factor, multi-target, autoregressive models can flexibly forecast multiple values accurately and update them on-demand.

Built for Complex Multi-Domain Environments

Dominate provides certainty in shaping conditions to reveal unexpected insights and develop innovative courses of action.

Manages Dirty Data

Tensor completion addresses error-prone and gap-riddled data and provides time-series forecasting, alerting, and impact analysis. 

Interactive UI

Enables customers to manipulate constraints or modify goals through the interface, not requiring an advanced degree or rigorous training to leverage the AI/ML engine.

Explainable AI

Automated-ML Pipeline provides always-updated insights that can be understood and explained, enabling user to track progress towards goals.

Understand situations before they happen and out-maneuver competition.

Dominate® leverages a real-time knowledge network and the relationships between more complete, multidimensional data elements to help you convert analysis to optimal solutions. Request a demo today.

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