Simulation Software for Academic Use

Do you need to add simulation to your curriculum? Teach the importance and techniques necessary to improve organizational productivity using ProModel® simulation software products.

Teach simulation and your students
will have a head start when they reach industry

Teach techniques for process improvement by incorporating simulation into your curriculum.

  • Accurate depiction of reality
  • Insightful system evaluations
  • Dynamics for predictive analysis
  • Understand interdependencies
  • Better experimentation and data
  • Animated visualization
  • Advanced optimization techniques
  • Bottom line savings (hard dollar, soft dollar, and labor saving along with many intangible benefits)
process simulation students look at laptop in classroom

Committed to Education
on a Global Scale

ProModel, a company, has provided simulation software to academic institutions throughout the US, Canada and the world for over 30 years. We are committed to help faculty members and students learn the importance and techniques necessary to improve organizational productivity using ProModel simulation software products: ProModel®, MedModel® and Process Simulator®.

Textbooks to Further
Support Learning

Simulation Using ProModel helps students build competence and confidence in the use of simulation through hands-on application. The text features a blend of theory and practice, real-life examples, case studies, and lab exercises using ProModel to help students develop their knowledge and abilities.

Simulation Using ProModel (Fourth Edition)


Leverage discrete-event simulation technology to help you plan, design, and improve new or existing operational systems—including manufacturing, logistics, and more.

Learn how to optimize processes and key performance indicators with ProModel.


Evaluate, plan, and design improvements to processes across the hospital to improve patient flow, operating room scheduling, length of stay (LOS) analysis, and more with our AI software for hospitals.

Process Simulator

The predictive technology of Process Simulator allows you to design-in success, increase capacity, decrease costs, reduce cycle time, and test alternatives in a risk-free environment before committing capital and resources.

Student Academic Packages

Available for both ProModel and MedModel, the student packages are limited versions with many advanced features for building detailed and complex models. Student packages are specifically set up to instruct and train students for professional opportunities.

Note: Process Simulator is not available in a student version, however students may use the lab package.


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