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Improve Operations, Reduce Costs, Deliver on Schedule

Shipyards are massive and complex operations with limited space requiring extreme accuracy and perfect timing.

Bottlenecks and disruptions can lead to missed deadlines, excess cost, and smaller margins

Meet Shipyard AI. An accurate, intelligent, flexible, automated tool that streamlines production flows and optimizes capacity planning and scheduling.

The Challenges Facing Shipyards Today


Controlling all these challenges can require weeks of labor-intensive planning

With Shipyard AI, weeks become minutes, and scheduling and capacity challenges are eliminated.

Automated and Flexible Shipyard Planning

With Shipyard AI, you can:

  • Publish laydown maps and schedules
  • See where items will be located over time
  • Proactively plan capacity
  • Develop options for early or late unit completion
  • Keep operations efficient and on time
  • Provide visibility to key stakeholders
  • Visualize multiple production lines and potential results

From Weeks to Minutes

With Shipyard AI, it only takes a few days to analyze the impact of new ships, designs, and yard changes—and hours to develop alternative plans and predict the impact across the yard.

And while capturing, analyzing, and communicating capacity changes used to take a week or more, they can now be done instantaneously.

See Shipyard AI in Action

Simplify Your Workload.
Improve Customer Confidence.

Save Time and Money

Remove the need for manual footprinting by automating the creation of laydown maps over time and lift schedules.

Shipyard AI screenshot with laydown map space requirements

Access Critical Information

Get live access to easily customized reports based on users’ needs.

Shipyard AI screenshot with census info for facility, work centers and more

Eliminate Overtime Costs

Load ships to full capacity and decrease–or even eliminate–overtime costs while maintaining construction schedules.

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Mitigate Schedule Slips

Be alerted to schedule slips and their downstream impact. Receive mitigation options to keep construction running on time. Stay up to date with early or late unit completions.

Shipyard AI screenshot with schedule laid out

Optimize Equipment Planning

Plan, track, and assign the movement of cranes and transporters. Visualize the location of their moves so you know where the equipment is at all times.

Shipyard AI equipment planning for lifts and analysis

Perform “What-if” Analyses

Model new ship designs and facility changes and test your shipyard’s capacity for future ships in a digital twin. Develop best-fit schedules for multiple ship loadings, simulate long-term plans and strategies, and more.

Shipyard AI select scenario for what-if analysis

Map Out Construction Data

Map out ship construction data, including all dependencies, sequencing, resources required, and more to visualize and manage the components of your construction processes.

Shipyard AI screenshot of unit template tree

Single Source of Truth

Get visual access to all your facility data, including construction spaces and relevant properties, so you can keep tabs on all equipment and processes.

Shipyard AI areas and locations data

Plan Available Capacity

Plan capacity for today, next week, or the long-term. Optimize schedules, staffing, layout and loading needs, and more.

Shipyard AI CUP reports


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning icon

Integrate disparate data sources for a single view of production activities

Predictive, Augmented Analytics icon of a crystal ball

Forecast outcomes to facilitate continuous planning

Data Visualization icon

Develop detailed reports and capacity information on-demand

Goal oriented Guidance

Explore alternative plans to achieve the optimal payoff

Ship Building and heavy industry

Lay out yard activities for essential planning

Supply chain and logistics

Generate plans for scheduling raw materials and short, medium, and long-term capacity, and more

Digital Transformation icon of a gear turning

Demonstrate impact on future production efforts

Multi-step Forecasting eyeball icon

Provide visibility to all stakeholders

Article from the Signal featuring Ingalls Shipbuilding

“The new tool has taken a process that historically took 10 weeks to complete and can now finish the scheduling activity in less than an hour…Ingalls expects to reduce 'real estate' allocation processing time by 30% and place 20 more units 'under cover' annually, with an estimated cost savings of over $990K per year.”

Article from the Signal featuring Ingalls Shipbuilding

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