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You Can Only Control What You Can Discern

You face complex strategic and operational challenges every day that require timely decisions. But incomplete data and external blind spots mean you may not have the information and foreknowledge you need to act with confidence. technology addresses three phases of data-driven decision making: data curation, analysis, and guidance. These predictive data analytics solutions enable organizations to ingest, interpret and visualize vast amounts of data, accurately predict outcomes, and guide decisions to achieve strategic objectives.

Observe, Orient, and Dominate are powerful, easy-to-use solutions that enable you to understand the present, see the future, and execute effectively.

Observe Gain Insights. And the Advantage.

Observe’s unique real-time data curation technology makes your data more complete, accurate, and reliable, and significantly easier to analyze. Observe collects and integrates massive amounts of raw content from across the globe to generate comprehensive data-driven insights. Using predictive data analytics, it can then be distilled to identify critical information such as asset tracking, geopolitical events, public sentiment, stock market shifts, and more to help guide your decisions and achieve strategic objectives.

The power of Observe lies in the extensive and rich data available from our proprietary libraries, which we seamlessly integrate with both your data and data from third-party sources.

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With Observe predictive analytics, data is more complete, accurate, and easy to analyze. Relevant behaviors across all domains are easily monitored. Knowledge is compounded and made more reliable. And the upper hand is within your grasp.

Orient Uncover Possibilities. Shape Outcomes.

Orient scours data to uncover hidden information and valuable insights—delivering actionable intelligence so you can keep pace with mission-critical issues and shape outcomes in changing environments.

Using AI-powered analytics and advanced mathematical models such as tensor completion, Orient enriches and mines data with depth and agility that far surpasses traditional business intelligence tools. And our unique storytelling framework contextualizes curated data—making predictive analytics accessible and actionable for decision-makers.


Dominate Reliable Guidance. Decision Certainty.

Dominate AI based predictive analytics software provides goal-oriented, reliable guidance. Identify a desired outcome and Dominate will determine the optimal decision or course of action that will achieve that goal. Easily manipulate constraints and modify outcome goals to understand the potential impacts and statistical likelihood of each decision option and outcome.

Battlefield developed and tested, Dominate delivers decision certainty.


Eugene Day, DSc, Data Science Manager (Enterprise Analytics)

“I have used to conduct operational and strategic analyses of Ambulatory Surgical Services, Pharmacy, Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Imaging and Radiology, and the Emergency Department. These investigations have led to improvements, cost savings, volume capture, and publications”

Eugene Day, DSc, Data Science Manager (Enterprise Analytics)

Gene Lesinski, Operations Research Analyst, US Army

“ is flexible, powerful, and the size of the problems you can solve is amazing.”

Gene Lesinski, Operations Research Analyst, US Army

Susan Quinn, Operations Analytics Manager

“Processes are complex, but that’s no reason to not listen to your data. can get you up and running with very little investment making a big impact on improving your processes.”

Susan Quinn, Operations Analytics Manager's Data Analytics Capabilities

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Hierarchies & Graph Databases


Hierarchies & Graph Databases

Using Your Knowledge Graph Database for Analytics


Using Your Knowledge Graph Database for Analytics

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