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FutureFlow Rx®

FutureFlowRx is a patient flow analytics platform that combines predictive analytics, discrete event simulation and digital twin technology. With FFRx, you can quickly, easily, and accurately forecast patient census and bed capacity. Create and test contingency plans through “what-if” scenario analysis.


Optimize patient throughput in critical high-volume and high-revenue areas with a visual process simulation tool. See workflow, bottlenecks and understand the impact of change in real-time and on your screen.

Process Simulator (PCS)

Leverage dynamic simulation models for better process management. Use visual insights to see where and why bottlenecks occur. Test new workflows and understand the impact of new equipment before implementation.

PCS for Healthcare

Test and refine hospital and clinic workflows in a safe digital twin. Increase throughput and streamline patient flow for the best patient care and experience.


Create a dynamic and animated computer model of your environment from CAD files, value stream maps or process simulation models. See your workflows in action, find bottlenecks, test new plans and optimize for improved production.

ProModel AutoCAD® Edition

Design, simulate and optimize your factory layout before you build it, saving you time, money and lost production due to mistakes and guesswork.

Build spatially accurate models for process simulation using one of the world’s leading computer-aided design tools.

Shipyard AI®

Massive and complex operations require extreme precision and perfect timing. Eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs and deliver on time. Shipyard AI provides automated, accurate and intelligent technology tools to optimize capacity planning and scheduling while streamlining production flows.

Exceed your process improvement goals and improve your bottom line.

Project Leader

“United Space Alliance has also used BigBear.ai to optimize shop layouts, determine production capacity, and identify shift and equipment utilization in a number of key areas.”

Project Leader

Engineer, Carrier Corporation

“Simulation has proved to be a necessary, powerful, and cost effective tool for us and will occupy a strategic role in the next millennium, especially within the manufacturing facility. We can now experiment with new processes, equipment, and ideas without affecting daily production.”

Engineer, Carrier Corporation

Elizabeth A. Keller, BSIE, MBA, Director of Process Improvement

“BigBear.ai's Process Simulator tool has met our needs and surpassed expectations in its scalability, reasonable learning curve and outstanding customer service.”

Elizabeth A. Keller, BSIE, MBA, Director of Process Improvement

Kerri Webster, Chief Analytics Officer and Executive Director

“The ability to look forward to our census/patient flow with a high level of confidence will be a game-changer for our clinicians.”

Kerri Webster, Chief Analytics Officer and Executive Director

Mark Smith, M.D., FACEP Chair

“BigBear.ai's team and approach ensured our work was complete, meaningful and able to contribute to other large emergency services providers facing related issues. We now know we have the capacity for optimal medical management.”

Mark Smith, M.D., FACEP Chair

Ruth McDonald, MD   Associate Chief Medical Officer   Seattle Children’s Hospital

“Integrating FutureFlow RX into our inpatient access and flow workstreams has supported a smooth, functional, and most importantly effective process for proactively managing census during an especially challenging flu season. Diversions are down, and so is the general anxiety around decision making. We now have fewer ad-hoc huddles and more standard work with established guide rails and actions.”

Ruth McDonald, MD Associate Chief Medical Officer Seattle Children’s Hospital

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