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Fast and Easy Process
Simulation in Real Time

Workflow and resource evaluation done with spreadsheets and static models don’t demonstrate where bottlenecks occur and how well new ideas work.

Hospitals and clinics need to visualize how departments work today and in the future. MedModel is a dynamic, visual process simulation tool that allows you to optimize patient throughput in critical high-volume and high-revenue areas. Visualize how processes will impact your care and the patient/family experience with clinic and operating room optimization.

MedModel® process simulation capabilities:

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Put Patient Flow
Right On Your Screen

MedModel provides a spatially accurate digital twin of your clinic so you can see where your patients move throughout their department journey.

MedModel uses detailed floor plans and historical data for the most accurate insights– from detecting bottlenecks on current workflows to assessing the impact of new plans, before you implement them.

Analyze "What If" Scenarios

MedModel process simulation uses predictive analytics, machine learning and discrete event simulation to evaluate current operations and help you look for areas of improvement.

Change business rules, evaluate different levels of capacity and understand the impact, with your own eyes.

With MedModel, “what if” becomes “what will be” – and how you can take action today and tomorrow.

Design the Best
Patient Experience

Build accurate operating plans that optimize OR workflows to meet the needs of patients, families and staff with OR workflow optimization.

  • Determine how many new beds to build
  • Right size staff and equipment
  • Develop your master plan

MedModel optimizes workflow so you never have too much of what you need, or too little.

Make the Best Decisions for Your Department
with Data and Digital Twins

Clinic or Operating Room Patient Flow Solutions

  • Synchronize workflow and reduce cost
  • Enhance facility expansion and renovation planning
  • Reduce surgical cancellations and recapture revenue

Emergency Department Solutions

  • Optimize space to reduce boarding and wait times
  • Implement capacity planning that considers seasonal surges
  • Understand the impact of your facility’s construction plan before you commit budget

See How Northwest Hospital Used MedModel to Optimize Resources and Improve Patient Flow

Andy McNerney, MBA Special Project Analyst, Northwest Hospital

There were times when we brought people into the room and showed them the actual model. It got people excited about it. They could see it happening and believed it was going to happen. The model helped us understand we could pull off the move safely.

Andy McNerney, MBA Special Project Analyst, Northwest Hospital

Pat Stack BSN, MBA, VP-Performance Improvement, Northwest Hospital

We knew we had an urgent business need...and a patient outcome need. We also realized the complexity would require a lot of logistical support and we wanted to do that safely. We staffed at a lower level than we planned prior to the use of the simulation model... we were able to reduce our staffing costs considerably.”

Pat Stack BSN, MBA, VP-Performance Improvement, Northwest Hospital

MedModel product solution brief overviewing the hospital patient flow software.

MedModel Solution Brief

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MedModel: Process Visualization for Better Patient Care

Make the best decisions for your department, clinic or hospital.

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